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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Second Blood (The Blooddaughter Trilogy, Book 1) by Wil Ogden

Second Blood (The Blooddaughter Trilogy, Book 1)
 by Wil Ogden

My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars

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The best thing about working in a bookstore, getting to read a new release on your break. Too bad today was Shauna's last day, the boss said it was economics, and she deserved better. She was offered a ride home by a handsome customer, but had to make a stop at the courthouse for her sister. Her sister takes her to a club known for having vampires, turns out they are fakes. That is untl she gets home and finds the real vampires in her living room and they wipe her memory. Problem is a copycat killer has decided on her as tonight's victim to go along with the release of a new vampire novel. Luckily before she dies, she is rescued and turned by James. Second Blood tells how she begins her first week of life as a vampire, learning the rules, hierarchy and who to trust and not to trust. Also what secrets toe trust. Author Wil Ogden gives the reader a different vein of Vampire novel, it's not your typical vampire-human romance. This is learning the way of life and trying to survive week one.

The title Second Blood is a homage to the fact that Shauna is the only vampire that her Bloodfather James has ever turned, this makes her a quite powerful vampire. It had never been his intention to make another generation, but when faced with the choice of life or death of Shauna, he turned her. Author Wil Ogden bills this as the first book in a trilogy, and as such this lays a wonderful foundation and history lesson for the trilogy. It gives you a great place to go from, it is still a great story and adventure. Great work of a great author to be able to give all the background you need for a series and still make the story fun and exciting. Great read for any reader, no sexual content, but some violence, not graphic.

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