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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Crave: An erotic romance novel by Amelia Gates

Crave: An erotic romance novelCrave: An erotic romance novel
by Amelia Gates'

My rating: 4.9 of 5 stars

**If you have been reading my reviews long you know two things. 1. I rarely give a 5, because that is perfect and no book is perfect. 2. I rarely do erotic! It's a touchy subject, some people are offended, some want me to do more, I can't make everyone happy. This was a request, and it could, maybe border on the line of being marketed as a Romance-Sizzle. So it's here! Don't email and yell at me, if you don't like it, don't read the review - just skip it!! **

What do you do when the man you have invested everything into all the sudden tells you it is over and to get out? You put four years into this and he gives you no reason nothing? Well you head to your best friends of course.

For Keira, her best friend just happens to be the incredibly sexy Kevin. They have been best friends for ten years and she knows she can count on him. He lets her crash in his spare room, and after three months, he finally decides that he is dragging her out to the club. Which turns into a disaster when a woman Keira has never met calls her a bitch and starts a fight. Once the other woman is escorted out, things get heated between Keira and Kev, but he stops it before they go too far.

As Keira tries to get her life back together and on track, it seems like everyone knows something about her life that she doesn't. And then there is the animal like attraction to Kevin she has felt ever since the night at the club, but Kevin is the party-boy, she wants to settle down and have a family, she wants stable, not excitement.

Things continue to get more and more complicated as Keira goes back to her ex Jimmy and the safe, stable, boring life. The one she thinks she wants so that she can have a family. Things just don't seem to be adding up, he is lying to her, she can tell, and the password on his phone, what is going on. Kevin seems to know something but he keeps saying it is not his tale to tell.

Follow along as Keira struggles to find out what she really wants, who she really wants and does falling in love and settling down really mean that you have to become stale and simple. Can't love always be exciting?

This has got to be the best romance novel I have read this year, yes the intimate sex scenes between Keira and Kevin are pretty intense and detailed, but I sure didn't mind them at all. I found myself envying her just a little bit at times. Thank goodness the boring crap with Jimmy was left out of the book! The story is about more than just the sex, it's about loving someone, waiting for them, about not knowing what you want, mistaking safe and secure for boring and stale. Instead of calling it a erotic romance, I would say its a romance laced with erotica, because the romance is more important. To be completely honest this book had me laughing and crying, and crying with Keira, and begging her to talk to Kevin and yelling at her to ignore Jimmy and that he wasn't worth the tears, and that was at the beginning of the book before I learned his secrets. Even is your don't normally read anything erotica or never have, give this a try!!

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