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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Emma... to Begin Again by Debbie Brown

Emma... to Begin AgainEmma... to Begin Again
by Debbie Brown

My rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

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For five years Emma has put off coming back here, back to the place she called home. She just couldn't bear it at first, and it was easier to put it off than to deal with it, but now she was going to have to deal with it. It still hurt, her parents were gone, killed in a plane crash on their way to her graduation, now she was left alone. Begin Again, is the story of Emma, deciding to stay at her parents old farmhouse, to tend the few animals and grow a garden, to start anew. Author Debbie Brown throws in a twist when one day Emma sees what has to be a plane crash but she never sees a plane, as she follows the trail, she finds an injured man, that she takes home and nurses back to health. Adding him into her quiet life is another new beginning. As time goes by and we learn the heritage of her stranger, another even larger twist is in store for Emma and the readers. Take a little Native American folktale, add in a touch of romance, a little fantasy, and a bit of science fiction and you have this book. Begin Again, is a wonderful title, and as I started to read the book I thought it was talking about her decision to stay on the farm. Little did I know that as the book would go on Emma would be faced with a number of circumstances that would force her to begin again. Author Debbie Brown does a spectacular job of taking an old Native American folktale of the Star Brother and weaving it with a realistic modern life, adding in just enough science fiction and fantasy to make it believable. This is a perfect book for all readers. There is no sex or violence in the book at all, so it is perfect for teens, young adults as well as adult readers.

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