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Friday, October 16, 2015

GHOST (The Lycan Series, Book 1) by P. Gordon Lamb

GHOST (Book)GHOST (The Lycan Series, Book 1) 
by P. Gordon Lamb

My rating: 4.4 of 5 stars

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Sara spends her late teen years learning to survive on her own, to fight, to take care of herself and to blend in with the woods. She makes vague references to "the incident" but it is only much later in the book do you find out what really happened and it changes your opinions of some of the people. As she grows up Sara becomes a world-renowned photographer and artist. Her ability to give life to her pictures is what everyone wants. One night, while sitting high in a tree, Sara sees something she can not believe, a group of men shifting into wolves, later a woman runs into the clearing, followed by a man, who is beating her, all the sudden the wolves return and save the woman. Many years later the picture that Sara painted from that night has gotten shipped to a small gallery instead of New York and she ends up in a Lycan community. Now just keeping their secret is not the only thing Sara faces and the pack faces an impending attack. Ghost is the title of the painting that brings this whole adventure in Sara's life to pass. Author P Gordon Lamb gives the reader a wonderful paranormal, shape-shifter novel that is educated and well written.

Ghost, the title of the book, the title of the painting, and an ancient type of Lycan that can not control their shifting that is much stronger. What a perfect word since we find all of these in the book. This is also billed by author P Gordon Lamb as the first in the series, and so we met all three of the Pritchard brothers in this book, although this one is about Hawk. So it sets a background for following books. It's a good, well-written, well thought out paranormal novel featuring the Lycan's. Some sexual situations, between married couples but not graphic, only one fight, no details really. Good read for young adult and adult readers.

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