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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rogue's Hollow by Jan Tilley

Rogue's HollowRogue's Hollow 
by Jan Tilley

My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

You've driven through them, those little places way out in the middle of nowhere that are no more that a collection of five or six houses, a store and a bridge or two. That is Rogue's Hollow, the old mill used to employ a lot of people, but when it shut down and most people moved out of town, Norma turned the mill into a general store. Now that Malachi has it, he's added a little history section, a guide to all the haunted places around the area and they do a pretty good business around Halloween. When a turn of events brings young Travis into his store and life, he finds a friend, and Travis finds a purpose. Author +Jan Tilley  gives the readers what looks like on the surface a heartwarming story of an old man mentoring a young kid and both of them being better for it. Problem is, there are secrets, deep secrets they both hide, deeper that either of them realized at first.

Rogue's Hollow is the perfect name for the town. The only two people left in town that we meet are Malachi and Roberta and they are not about to move. They are definitely rogue's not conforming to the idea of leaving this old forgotten place and moving on. Slowly over time you learn the history of each of the places that are said to be haunted, and some of them are truly haunted it you're willing to be patient. Over time the history of the town and the forefathers is revealed as well, and that is a little different to say the least. Author +Jan Tilley  writes a wonderful heartwarming story with dark undertones that you just can't figure out until the last page. It is a great read for anyone, young adult through old adult. This is really going to keep you glued to your chair!

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