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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Firelight Angels by Joy Ross Davis

The Firelight AngelsThe Firelight Angels 
by Joy Ross Davis

My rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Hap, actually Michael Murray, is a come-lately reporter given an assignment to do a human interest piece on a town he was once familiar with, the one his grandma used to live in. He hasn't been there in years and swore he would never go back, but his memories of that place are fuzzy and non-existent. He takes a young photographer Joey with him and they check into the Hotel. In the gift shop Hap notices the Firelight Angel Dolls, when asking about them he gets a bit brushed off by the hotel owner. As Hap digs deeper into the mysteries of the town, the Firelight Angels, the people and his own history strange accidents start occurring that are definitely not real accidents. Someone wants Hap to stop digging and they are willing to murder to stop him. Author +Joy Ross Davis  paints the picture of a typical small town, southern through and through, good people, but a bit gossipy!

The Firelight Angels not only give us the story of the bad guy, believing he is better than God and knows more, and the town needs to follow him. Versus the slightly skeptical man, who begins to believe and is determined to see justice. You also have the story of the victim of a fire, trapped in her own mind by the loss of her own sons, yet able to create these original one-of-a kind dolls that replicate children of the town, which is even more incredible because she never leaves her room and has never seen anyone in town since the fire that claimed her own children. +Joy Ross Davis  creates a story that is part romance, part mystery, part paranormal, part alternative belief but is all a good read. I would recommend this to all readers! Well worth the time and effort.

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