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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Loving the Headsman's Daughter : A Medieval Romance Fantasy by Oscar Manta

Loving the Headsman's Daughter : A Medieval Romance FantasyLoving the Headsman's Daughter : A Medieval Romance Fantasy 
by Oscar Manta

My rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

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In the Spring of 1558, Denis, having finished his apprenticeship was traveling to Rouen looking to a position at the armory. On the way, one evening having not found an Inn, he followed a stream until he came upon a campfire where he was surprised to find a beautiful redhaired woman, alone. Jacquette and Denis share dinner and the evening together, by morning Denis is sure she was a dream. Denis continues into Rouen and life goes on as normal except that he can't get he can't get Jacquette out of his mind. The town of Rouen was getting ready to have a public execution involving the beheading of two men and the torture and death of three others. A famous Headsman, Chastain and his family have been called in to take care of the deaths. A few days before a the execution, Denis walked into the Tavern and there he saw Jacquette, but he could not approach her, finally she went out back and he was able to talk to her. They made plans, and would meet again. What follows is the story of Jacquette and Denis falling in love, dealing with her job, his wrongful imprisonment, and so much more. Loving the Headsman's Daughter is medieval romance with a modern twist. Author Oscar Manta spices up this novel with police corruption, sizzling romance, and forbidden loves.

Loving the Headsman's Daughter may be set in medieval times, as the novel starts in the Spring of 1558, but the ideas of romance and the relationships that unfold in the story are purely modern. They might have actually occurred during the era, but it is not recorded history. While I was reading this I was I was surprised time and time again by the twists and turns in the story, and the twisted thoughts of some of the people in the novel. I thought it was a great read, definitely an adult book and there might be some readers offended by some of the relationships in the book. Really, it was worth the time to read to read it, something new and different.

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