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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Advocate's Betrayal by Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's BetrayalThe Advocate's Betrayal 
by Teresa Burrell

My rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

As a lawyer in juvenile court, Sabre Brown's job is to represent the children that are being or have been removed from their parents care. As their advocate she is a tough cookie and good at what she does, along with her best friend Bob. When she get's and early morning phone call from her friend Betty that her husband John is dead, and then when Betty is arrested for his murder, Sabre takes a crash course in legal matter to represent her friend. No matter what she asks, Betty is hiding something. The Advocate's Betrayal is the story of what happens when the people you think you know are not actually the people you know at all, everyone has secrets, some of them kept for good reasons and others not so good. Author Teresa Burrell gives the readers a second book in the series of Sabre's life focusing on the juvenile court and the legal system, with lots of twists and turns. There are even a couple of side cases thrown in to make it even more interesting.

The Advocate's Betrayal, as a title tells you that someone is going to do something wrong to Sabre, so from the being of the book, you are looking at everyone you meet with a critical eye. Some are people from the last book and some are new. You don't know if they are in her personal life or the court cases, so you are really looking at everyone. It makes the book that much harder to put down. Author Teresa Burrell does a wonderful job of bringing to life the people in the book, the ones we like, the ones we don't care for and the ones we hate! Just as in the first book, she takes and twists the plot together, intertwining characters that shouldn't be connected in the least together in the most of intimate of ways. As a legal suspense novel, you get the police, the lawyers, the private investigator and the mob in this book. It a great story for all readers. There is some off scene sex and violence, but nothing graphic.

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