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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Advocate: An S.O.B. Legal Suspense Novel by Teresa Burrell

The Advocate: An S.O.B. Legal Suspense NovelThe Advocate: An S.O.B. Legal Suspense Novel 
by Teresa Burrell

My rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

Sabre Brown is a lawyer, but not just any lawyer, she works in "kiddie court", that means she is assigned to represent the children in cases when they are taken out of the home. Sabre is good at her job, and with her best friend Bob, they rule kiddie court as the best.

Sabre's new case, the Murdock case seems straight forward, but there is something about the way the girlfriend looks at Mr. Murdock, and the way the children act that just doesn't feel right. Sabre is sure there is something more going on.

Going on her gut instinct, she makes a call to Atlanta to where the Murdock's hail from, to find the family name is well-respected and huge in the area. She just happens, good fortune or fate, to get the one detective who has a vested interest in what she is asking about. Between the two of them, and some favors owed with the FBI and Internal Affairs, and even a little Private Investigator action they uncover much more than just a mommy and daddy fighting in front of the kids!!

This is the first book in what is scheduled to be a series written about the life and adventures of Sabre Brown. The focus being her job as a lawyer in kiddie court as an advocate for the children in the court proceedings, and uncovering all the hidden information that needs to be found to make the proper decisions.

Really neat book, lots of twists and turns, intertwining people you would never image knowing each other together. Fitting together lots of pieces of a puzzle and yet leaving a number of them out there for future books.

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