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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Frappe Today Dead Tomorrow (Dead Girls & Coffee, 1) by Leah Fitchett

Frappe Today Dead Tomorrow (Dead Girls & Coffee Book 1)Frappe Today Dead Tomorrow (Dead Girls & Coffee, 1) 
by Leah Fitchett

My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars

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Emma is not your typical gal, no she moved to a tiny little town, bought a run-down looking store in the middle of town and make it into a used bookstore and coffee shop then bought herself a little cottage way out of town to live in. For a coffee and book addict, this is the perfect life! Her day starts normal, her favorite customer, a cute redhead she always just called Lion pops in for a cheesecake frappe and the talk for a minute. The day passes and it ends up being a long one, on her way home Emma spots something laying in the road, as she gets out to look, she realizes its a body, its Lion and she is barely alive. Emma puts her in the car and rushes her to the hospital. The next day, Emma finds herself sharing a house with Lion, whose real name is Star's spirit, who says she can't remember what happened and needs Emma's help to figure it out. Frappe Today Dead Tomorrow is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes dangerous journey that Emma and Star take to try to find a killer. Author Leah J. Fitchett gives the reader a tell that is not too dark, not to light but a whole lot of just right to enjoy anytime you need a quick read.

Frappe Today Dead Tomorrow is definitely what I would call a cozy mystery genre. You have an cozy setting, the used bookstore slash coffee shop. Then you have a murder, although Star is still alive and in a coma in the hospital, her spirit is still with Emma. Now, add in a love interest in the form of the nerdy but handsome new age, occult, wicca store owner named Aiden and you have everything you need for an afternoon of fun reading! Author Leah J. Fitchett takes great pains to give you just enough information about what happened to Star to bring about Emma finding her, without going into graphic detail, but you can still picture it in your mind, and you can see and feel the reactions of the characters from the way it is written, they are appalled and repulsed. I think it was the perfect way to deal with it in this particular story. This is a great, fun, quick read for anyone!

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