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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dark Waters (Elementals, Book 1) by Rain Oxford

Dark Waters (Elemental #1)Dark Waters (Elementals, Book 1) 
by Rain Oxford

My rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

As a private investigator, Devon Sanders is good, not just good but extremely good, he seems to have a real touch for the job. Never mention it might be magic in his presence though because he has stayed as far away from magic as possible as long as he can remember. Problem is, the best paying job ever means he has to go undercover at the Magic School. Devon must find the killer of five students, then murders start happening at the school, and there is more of a rush to figure who is behind it. Dark Waters is part magic, part vampire, part shifter, part fae story mixed with a huge murder mystery, topped with some repressed memories that start coming out now at the school. Author +Rain Oxford  takes so many different parts and seamlessly puts them together into a story that works. The reader feels part of the world of the book.

The magic school in Dark Waters immediately makes me think of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, and although there are some similarities, there are differences too. This school includes not just magic, but shifters and fae, including Devon's two roommates. Mixing all these groups, magic, vampires, shifters, and fae together is usually hard and something doesn't sound right, but this book is written well and it feels right. Author +Rain Oxford  does well to take a major murder mystery and add in the whole paranormal, supernatural element. There are a few times when you might get confused, mostly because Devon and his roommate Darwin's names are so similar, you find yourself re-reading parts to make sure you read that right. Although Devon is in his thirties, his roommates are in their twenties, and with the school aspect, this could really even be considered as a young adult novel. This is definitely a good read.

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